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"Arms" in Lake Effect (2023)

"The Bread Has Sold Out" in Bullshit Anthology (2022)

"Short Story Writer" in Bullshit Anthology (2022)

"Touchdown" in Invisible City (2022)

"Bully Brain" in Colorado Review (2022)

"After All" in Colorado Review (2022)

"Winner's Circle" in Atticus Review (2021)

"A Dream" in Birdland Journal (2018)

"Daddy Days" in Birdland Journal (2018)

"Forty-two" in Birdland Journal  (2018)

"Grownups" in Atticus Review (2017)

"The Corrective" in J Journal (2016)

"Oatmeal" in Alaska Quarterly Review (2015)

"Lame Head" in The Collagist (2015)

"Room and Board" in Web Conjunctions (2014)

"The Students" in New American Writing (2014)

"Who’s Your Daddy Daddy" in New American Writing (2014)

"Visit to the Beach" in New England Review (2014)

"Four Unusual Things on His Way to Work” in The McNeese Review (2013)

"Sudden Memoir” in The McNeese Review (2013)

"Parallel” in The McNeese Review (2013)

"Acts of Faith" in Fast Forward Press: Flash 101 (2012)

"The Part Way" in New American Writing (2012)

"Home Alone" in New American Writing (2012)

"Wee Witticism" in New American Writing (2012)

"How Much We Look Alike" in Conjunctions (2011)

"Brother from San Francisco" in Conjunctions (2011)

"Fathers and Sons" in Conjunctions (2011)

"Mistakers" in Conjunctions (2011)

"Wing Chair" in We Still Like (2011) 

"One Great Hair Day" in Invisible City Audio Tours (2010)

"Herculean" in We Still Like (2010)

"The Woman We Imagine" in The Collagist (2010)

"He Says I Don’t" in Lake Effect (2010)

"Lover" in Eleven Eleven (2010)

"New Plan" in Eleven Eleven (2010)

"Pet Pets" in Eleven Eleven (2010)

"Pennies from Heaven" in New American Writing (2009) 

"What Is Central" in New American Writing (2009)

"His Good Ear" in Colorado Review (2009)

"Working It Out" in Colorado Review (2009)

"Up on the Roof" in Watchword (2008)

"The City of Cieloso" in Web Conjunctions (2007)

"A Family Story" in Web Conjunctions (2007)

"The Magician" in Web Conjunctions (2007)

"Lemon Cake" in Transfer (2007)

"San Francisco" in New Orleans Review (2006)

"Another True Love Story" in Fourteen Hills (2006)

"The Secret of Mayo" in Transfer (2005)

"Flight" in Quarter After Eight (2004)

"Telling Dwan About Late" in Gulf Stream Magazine (2003) 

"L’oeuf Forty" in New Orleans Review (2001)

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